Thursday, 9 January 2014

Why KMC are a life saver!

Hi everyone, it's been ages since I posted so I just felt like posting an update on here, the page has had a few hits and it would be great to get some more readers in! Over the past few years since I last posted, I have still been using my same trusty bike, the Voodoo Hoodoo 2012. Hammering down technical trails and MTB courses, blasting round the local roads and some quick track riding 12 mile and back. My girlfriend recently purchased a new old bike. A second hand 2008 Trek 6500 WSD. An absolutely awesome bike that we picked up for an absolute steal! So we have been out riding together. One of our first rides I did something that I never thought would happen, I snapped a chain! This wasn't the most fortunate of events due to replacement cost. However I was one mile away from home, and this was my first worrying thought, I managed to 'scooter' the bike home and began work on the chain. I knocked the broken pins out and then I had no idea what to do, I looked at the bike for a few minutes before angrily storming off. And then I realised, since 2010 I have had a pair of missing link KMC chain repair links in my bag. However these were for my old bike which had a 7 speed cassette. My new bike having a nine speed cassette, I was worrying would not end up being a fit for this chain. Two seconds later, two clips pushed in and maneuvered into place, and I was on my way. So for any of you guys going out on the trail anytime soon, get yourself some of these!