Friday, 14 October 2011


For the past few days I've been wondering what i could post on here. I knew it had to be something mountain bikey and I think I've found just the thing.
Suntour Raidon X1 forks.
Now as i have these on my bike I thought I could give you a very indepth analysis. I probably can't but hey, I can try right?

So here goes. The Raidon X1's are an airsprung fork offering up to 120mm of travel with a remote lockout system.
Dependant on your weight the springyness of the forks can be changed using a simple and easy to use suspension pump. Just find the guide online at SRSuntour and you're away. I tend to run mine at around 80 psi and these offer the perfect balance between comfort and not bouncing ridiculously over every bump. Of course this can be easily changed and run so it does just bounce around.
The remote lockout system is brilliant for road use or going up hills. Simply flick a lever on the handlebars and you're away. It's just like having rigid forks except they offer maybe 5 mm of travel so as not to pop when going over a bump. I have not yet felt any time lag between flicking the lever and them locking out, but as the bike isn't that old I can't comment on the wear and tear of the wire.
The rebound knob at the bottom of the forks is brilliant. Turn it one way, have slow rebound, turn it back and around to the other side and we have a quick rebound. This is perfect for running it around a trail and keeping yourself in control and feeling grounded. I find it better to use the slower rebound as it doesn't pop back up instantly and let you lose momentum, but it does pop back up in time for you to be able to deal with the next bump infront of you.
My overall review would probably be 8/10 i have a couple of little niggles with the decompression sound made by the suspension on the slow rebound setting but that's about it.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into the top end budget fork market :D

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  1. Because of my weight I always like to keep my forks at a high PSI, or they just bounce like mad!